Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cute Nail File/Polish Teacher Gift

School is almost out!  If you are still looking for a little something for your children's teachers (dance teachers/coaches/etc.), this is a really cute and frugal idea.  

All you need is a nail file, nail polish, ribbon, and a cute tag.  

On your tag, write (or print) the words: 

"I'd file you under "A" for awesome"

Tie all three things together using some cute ribbon, and you're done!  Easy peasy, right!?!

Here is last years idea...a little more work, but super cute.

And the Dollar Store vase option is really cute for teachers, too.

Also, if you are on the other end of things as a teacher looking for a sweet and frugal gift to give to each of your students, check out this idea which pairs perfectly with the book, "Mrs. Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten."

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